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Trash talk: Are waste-to-energy plants a sustainable solution?

July 12, 2021 By Patrick Whittle Associated Press PORTLAND, MAINE. An increase in residential garbage production over the past year is sparking debate about the merits of waste-to-energy plants. Some say burning trash carries environmental and health risks, while others consider it a viable alternative to landfill disposal. America remains awash in refuse as new…
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Study Finds Waste-to-Energy Plays Large Role in Reduction of Greenhouse Gases

MAY 25, 2021 BY EMILY HOLBROOK. Waste-to-energy facilities offer significant environmental protection, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and play an important complementary role in recycling efforts, according to a new City College of New York report that reviewed the most up-to-date scientific studies of the industry. The report, “The Scientific Truth about Waste-to-Energy” by CCNY professor…
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